Garage Door Springs



We replace broken garage door springs right! we only use the proper size of garage door springs and only with a high grade so the garage door springs we install will last you for many many years to come.

We understand that a broken garage door spring can be a real pain and can really mess up your day!

We are here to make it easier on you:

New garage door spring’s cost varies depending on their size and resisting strength.  The springs installed on your garage door must match the exact weight of the garage door.  When we get to our customer’s home we start every garage door repair job with a full garage door inspection during which we take all necessary measurements to determine the correct spring needed and the service costs involved.


We are very experienced in professionally replacing garage door springs and will be more then happy to come to your home and replace them for you for a very competitive and affordable price.

Every garage door broken spring replacement is backed by our 5 years warranty. Lifetime warranty garage door springs are available for extra cost.


Garage door broken spring replacement is a very dangerous job. Without former experience and knowledge of all the parts involved and the forces they are under is a very dangerous adventure you do not want to get in to! Many accidents and bad injuries had happened in the past and we strongly recommend you not to try it yourself!

What are garage door springs and what is their purpose ?

Garage Door Springs are the most important part in the garage door mechanism and take the most crucial role in raising and lowering the garage door.  Most residential garage doors weigh about 150-500 Lbs depending on their size and the material they are made of. These garage doors require a lot of force in order to be lifted up in the air or resist dropping down to the ground.  Most residential garage door openers (which are actually pulling the door up and pushing it down) are equipped with ether a 1/3, ½ or ¾ Horse power electrical motors, they are very reliable and affordable but even a full 1 horse power motor is not powerful enough to lift and lower 150-500 Lbs a few times a day, every day throughout it’s life with out braking in a short meter of time; the load will be too high and it will dramatically shorten the garage door opener’s motor and other parts life, if it would be able to work at all.   In order to use those reliable, low powered motors in the garage door system and in order to be able to open and close the garage door manually the door’s weight had to be counterbalanced somehow.

The springs entire purpose is to resist the door’s weight by ether a counter torque in a torsion spring system or a counter stretch in an extension spring system and they make it very easy to move up and down ether manually or by a low powered electrical motor.

Every time you close the garage door the springs stretch or wound and every time you open the door they release, they stretch and release many time a day, every day throughout the year, for many years, and just like anything else in this world, after working so hard for so many years, eventually the material gives in and they will break.

How to replace garage door springs?

In order to get the required torque to resist the garage door weight the springs have to be winded and locked in a wound position, that locks a lot of very high forces in the entire system, every part in the system is stressed under a lot of forces from that moment on.

These forces have to be controllably released from the entire system in order to remove the old springs or any other part and replace them with new ones.

Once the new springs are in place, the door has to be reconnected to the springs shaft by the garage door cables, once the cables are reconnected and locked in place it is time to wind the springs.

Once the springs are wounded to get the exact amount of torque required to resist the weight of the door, the springs have to locked on to the springs shaft by a couple of set screws at the springs head.

Now your garage door is ready to keep on working and serve you for many more years.


We provide garage door spring repair services to the following areas:

Madison WI, Middleton WI, Fitchburg WI, Waunakee WI, Verona WI, Sun Prairie WI,  Stoughton WI, Fort Atkinson WI, Portage WI, Baraboo WI, Janesville WI, Monroe WI, Watertown WI, Whitewater WI, Beaver Dam WI, Beloit WI